A Better School

A Close-Knit Community

EPIC students thrive as members of a true school community. Our total enrollment is capped at 30, and students are grouped in mixed-grade classes of 4-10 students, led by 1 special education teacher and 1-3 associate special education teachers. In this environment, all students receive the highly individualized academic and behavioral supports they need to succeed and form close, trusting bonds with all community members. 

Intrinsically Therapeutic

At EPIC, we know the best way to foster interdependence and growth is to integrate academics, social-emotional instruction, and related services into the classroom setting. Whole child development requires constant collaboration among professionals committed to an embedded services model. We offer every child the opportunity to experience the restorative power of belonging to a safe, structured, and loving community that truly understands the whole of who they are.   

Always Academically Rigorous 

EPIC students consistently perform above grade-level expectations in academic content areas, though many of them do not start out that way. Our differentiated curriculum honors every child as a unique learner, giving our students the chance to explore, create, and grow no matter their strengths and challenges. By offering individualized opportunities to excel, our team recognizes and develops each student’s unique gifts while supporting them in academic areas where they have yet to shine. 

Actively Trauma-Informed 

An estimated 67% of children currently living in the US have experienced at least one adverse experience. EPIC staff understand that this trauma affects how children think, feel, and behave and that every behavior is a function of a unique set of needs. Through a process called co-regulation, our staff ensures that every child’s needs are met through validation and unconditional support. 

Committed to Social Justice

Through deep reflection, anti-bias work, and exposure to a diverse array of perspectives, we foster a community of critical thinkers capable of questioning predominant cultural narratives and triangulating their own truths.